keyboard-iSt-16825682MCDR FORMATTER is a rules-based utility component designed to format raw voice and data CDRs (Call Detail Records) into proprietary record formats, CDMA CIBER and/or GSM TAP. Or, conversely to convert to and from industry standard formats and proprietary formats.

CDR FORMATTER was initially designed to enhance and preserve the value of proprietary billing formats. For billing vendors and operators, the inherent benefits of having a commercial strength platform that provides an open architecture with rules-based configuration capabilities represents significant advantages including maximizing ROI (return on investment), speed-to-market, compliance, and more. Today, CDR-FORMATTER is utilized by leading enterprise services providers and mobile operators worldwide to solve mission critical business and technology requirements.

CDR FORMATTER provides the flexibility to process events in real-time, near real-time or batch. Event processing can also be automated through system scheduling. With on-demand features, authorized users can perform critical administration and operations including table updates and error corrections. Recalling and researching event processing is also simplified which further increases timesaving and costs benefits. Standard on-line features include check boxes, tabs, radio buttons, controlled browse capabilities, screen-printing, task bars and much more. The error correction screen allows multiple browse capabilities with on-line error codes, descriptions and system correction assistance.

As with all of our products and services, we work with our clients to ensure the set-up is seamless, timely and at the most cost-effect rates in the industry. We also provide development to ensure that all of their requirements including reporting meet their satisfaction.

As a licensed based or managed services implementation, TSS will ensure that the solution meets the customer’s demands both today and tomorrow.


  • UNIX / Linux Operating System
  • Commercial strength, Telco-grade solutions suite
  • Multi-thread architecture
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities
  • Superior accuracy, performance, through-put and assurance
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities to securely distribute switch files and transmittals in near real-time or batch to designated ARPs (Authorized Receipt Points).
  • “Plug and play” capabilities for optional formatting/reformatting requirements
  • Archival, back-up and recovery
  • Automated monitoring and alerts
  • Commitment to on-going compliance
  • 24x7x365 service and support
  • Professional services and customized solutions available upon request