Our History – Serving the Telecommunications Industry

Our History  - Serving the Telecommunications Industry for Over a Decade

Serving the telecommunications industry for over a decade with Mediation, Rating, Billing, Analytics and Clearing & Settlement Software Solutions.


TSS HistoryWith a vision to amass seasoned business and technology professionals capable of developing commercial strength OSS/BSS solutions for the telecommunications industry through superior subject matter expertise and software development practices, Total Software Solutions, Inc. (TSS) was founded by Mr. Michael A. Browne in July of 1996.

Having served as a developer and consultant in the industry for over 20 years, Mr. Browne was well versed in identifying key elements that comprise successful technology and IT organizations. Coupled with technical knowledge and proven experience as well as an ability to identify and recruit extraordinarily talented people, Mr. Browne secured the first customer, BellSouth International.

The requirements for BellSouth International dictated that TSS would build a GSS (Global Settlement Solution) for their soo

n-to-be-established Wireless Roaming Data Clearinghouse within a very condensed time frame. And, it needed to be production ready and operational within five months. TSS proudly accepted the challenge. Even prior to BellSouth having secured their business requirements as well as staffing, TSS took a leadership position to develop the business and technical requirements while also serving as consultants to the customer base. Remarkably, the approved software was delivered and operational inside of four months.

With the first customer successfully secured, TSS began defining a vision and roadmap for our initial products and services portfolio. With the growing demand for commercial strength OSS/BSS solutions for the wireless industry, TSS quickly became a leading provider worldwide. While previously most all of TSS’s customers had been enterprise services providers, today TSS boasts a worldwide customer base of mobile operators and enterprise services providers with over 300 implementations in operation.

Early on, TSS understood that it’s the people that make the difference. Superior subject matter expertise and software development practices coupled with unmatched service and support are our cornerstone. Today, TSS takes great pride in ensuring the success of our customers. This especially includes enabling them to maximize their revenue potential while reducing their costs and increasing their operational efficiencies.  By putting our customers first in everything that we do, our hard work, dedication and on-going commitment sets us apart from all of our competitors.