Roamer-Converter is a rules-based utility component to convert to and from CDMA CIBER, GSM TAP, LTE and WiFi and any Call Detail Record (CDR) or proprietary record format ensuring compliance for CIBER/TADIG industry standards.

Roamer-Converter is a proven, market-leading solutions utilized by mobile operators and enterprise services provides worldwide to manage the conversion of transaction/record formats. As licensed based or in our managed services, TSS will provide everything necessary to ensure your solution is implemented quickly, accurately and at the most cost-effect rates in the industry. And, you have our assurance that your compliance will be guaranteed as your business and technology needs grow. With a design based upon an open architecture and rules-based configuration capabilities, this solutions suite provides everything necessary to facilitate your transaction/record formatting requirements. The most common implementations include conversion services to and from CIBER and TAP, including TAP-1, TAP-2, TAP-3 and NAIG-TAP. Other implementations encompass conversion services for proprietary record formats to and from either CIBER or TAP.


  • UNIX / Linux Operating System
  • Commercial strength, Telco-grade solutions suite
  • Multi-thread architecture
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities (administered by us)
  • Superior accuracy, performance, through-put and assurance
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities to securely distribute switch files and transmittals in near real-time or batch to designated ARPs (Authorized Receipt Points).
  • “Plug and play” capabilities for optional formatting/reformatting requirements
  • Archival, back-up and recovery
  • Automated monitoring and alerts
  • Commitment to on-going compliance
  • 24x7x365 service and support
  • Professional services and customized solutions available upon request