TAP 3 ViewerTSS offers our customized GSM TAP3 ASN.1 Viewer utility for viewing files that are in TAP3 ASN.1 format. It provides the ability to view one record/event at a time. Viewing the next or previous record/event is as simple as pressing a button.

By providing a physical definition for the TAP3 ASN.1 files, the viewer dynamically builds the record structures to use in viewing the data. The level, application ID, field name/object and data format are displayed along with the data value in either display or hex.

A configuration file identifies the file IDs and the file containing the associated physical definition to use. The viewer contains a list of file IDs that can be viewed, retrieved from the configuration file.

Viewing a new TAP3 ASN.1 file is as simple as adding the new information to the configuration file and providing the physical definition

For additional information or to receive a free demo of the TAP3 ASN.1 VIEWER, please contact us.